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Title: Głosić odważnie na rozstajach drogi : zadania głosiciela słowa Bożego w środowisku zsekularyzowanym
Authors: Szewczyk, Leszek
Keywords: sekularyzacja; głosiciel słowa Bożego; zadania kaznodziei/homilisty; secularization; Preacher of the Word of God
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: "Polonia Sacra" (2021), nr 4, s. 5-21
Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to present tasks of contemporary preachers of the word of God in the context of the currently developing secularization processes. The processes require the initial zeal and enthusiasm of Apostolic preaching to pervade preaching the word of God. Among the most important tasks of preachers who preach in the secularized environment are: preaching with the blessing and in the name of the Church, preaching the word of God in spite of unfavorable circumstances and dangers, awakening the desire to meet Christ in listeners’ hearts and brave preaching at a crossroads. The final point of the paper offers analysis of the most important dangers contemporary preachers of the word of God must face.
DOI: 10.15633/ps.4134
ISSN: 2391-6575
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