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Title: The specific content of preaching the word of God in a secularized environment
Authors: Szewczyk, Leszek
Keywords: the content of preaching; preacher; secularized environments; preaching to those who seek God; vsebina pridiganja; pridigar; sekularizirana okolja; pridiganje iskalcem Boga
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: "Bogoslovni Vestnik" (2021), nr 3, s. 721-732
Abstract: The proclamation of the word of God must always consider the unchanging Gospel and the present life of the Church and theology, which constitute the correct interpretation of the revealed word of God. The content of preaching the word of God is the good news about Jesus Christ, Lord and Saviour, and, more broadly, God’s revelation and human existential problems. Therefore, the proclamation of the word of God draws its content from the Bible and observation of the world in which contemporary man lives and creates. This study aims to indicate the specific content of preaching the word of God in a secularized environment. This proclamation should lead to faith as a personal encounter with Jesus Christ and show the true God and Jesus Christ – man’s only Saviour. At the same time, it should try to answer people’s questions and desires.
DOI: 10.34291/BV2021/03/Szewczyk
ISSN: 1581-2987
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