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Title: Is that a really new spirituality? Basics and signs of the spirituality of the New Evangelization - the case of Poland
Authors: Sawa, Przemysław
Keywords: New Evangelization; Catholic spirituality; charisms; prayer for healing and freedom; Church renewal
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Ecumeny and Law, Vol. 5, (2017), s. 95-123
Abstract: The New Evangelization is Church’s answer to the changes in the modern world and simultaneously a natural response to the needs of a man. Biblically, theologically and sociologically justified, it encourages to carry out Jesus’ Great Commission. This is not only about pragmatism. New understanding of the doctrine and the Tradition, new theological accents and new forms of spirituality change the appearance of the Church, making it more and more evangelical. For this novelty to exist, the New Pentecost and the opening of every baptised (also the clergy) for the new inspirations of the Holy Spirit are necessary. Hence, there is a biblical, charismatic, and spiritual awakening visible in the Catholic Church after the Second Vatican Council. New communities and movements have been born and undertake the evangelization, prayer, and formation service. New methods of honouring God (through worship) and new ways of service for the suffering (charismatic prayers for healing and for freedom) create an atmosphere of living faith and constitute a space for the evangelization of all the non-believers, the lapsed, and the practicing. These are ways to grow in the grace of God’s childhood for the people living sacramental life. In that sense, a new form of Catholic spirituality that encourages transmission of faith, mystagogy and growth, can be described. New and renewed forms of spirituality bring freshness to the lives of the faithful, encourage intimacy with God and missionary dynamism. This is a way to experience the Apostolic Church but not to imitate it. However, it leads the faithful to the active participation in their vocation.
ISSN: 2353-4877
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