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Title: Dynamika (nie)wiedzy, chaos, kultura
Authors: Adamiec, Marek
Keywords: knowledge; chaos; culture
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: Chowanna, 2010, t. 2, s. 51-75
Abstract: The article is concerned with analysis of situation of knowledge — in very broad sense — in the society which becomes the „vireal” — what means the synthesis of reality and virtual world with its mighty tools, which creates a completly new contexts for functioning of knowledge, science and all symbolic activities in our world. Knowledge, according to this model is not a thing but constant dynamic process, the flow between the state of chaos as the lack of clear questions and clear answers and the state of order: with clear questions and clear answers. Chaos is defined not only as disorder but as the potential source of possible orders (knowledge). There is a kind of recycling of knowledge and all symbolic structures in the sense that smaller fragments of order are pulled out of the „chaos” and „reused” in new symbolic constructions. Chaos has creative and motivating potential, so the culture open to chaos and tolerating it is perhaps more dynamic and inventive. There is analogy between chaos in this sense and the virtual sphere of the world. Internet with its extension is the vast reservoir of knowledge, information, ideas — chaotic as it is, but in positive sense, as giving possibility of creating new and complex orders, serving for human purposes in daily life. Today, the Internet and digital tools revolutionize the very idea of knowledge and are sweeping out the old institutions and forms of creating information, knowledge, science. The aim of the text is to show what are the new instruments for this creation and development of knowledge in culture of „new knowledge”, and what personal attitudes and competitions are required for creating knowledge in vireal world.
ISSN: 0137-706X
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