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Title: Ćwierćwiecze działalności naukowo-badawczej uniwersyteckiego ośrodka etnologicznego w Cieszynie
Authors: Odoj, Grzegorz
Keywords: cieszyński ośrodek etnologiczny; etnologia; antropologia kulturowa; Śląsk; pogranicze kulturowe
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: "Studia Etnologiczne i Antropologiczne" T. 21, Nr 2 (2021), s. 1-26
Abstract: The academic center of ethnological research in Cieszyn has a clearly defined profile, which distinguishes it from other centers of this kind in Poland. Its specificity results primarily from the research interests of the staff, which focus on the issues of cultural and ethnic borderlands and on contemporary socio-cultural transformations, including the role of tradition in the life of postmodern communities. The rich and multifaceted achievements over the past twenty-five years of the center’s operation can be seen as an obligation on the part of the researchers encouraging them to make further consistent efforts to consolidate its position on the map of ethnological studies in Poland, to make their research more effective, and to enhance and broaden international cooperation. A materialization of the idea of creating a permanent ethnological research institution in Silesia, the center plays an important and admittedly unique role in integrating research on cultural phenomena and processes in Central Europe.
DOI: 10.31261/SEIA.2021.21.02.01
ISSN: 2353-9860
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