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Tytuł: Religijność a innowacyjność : Psychologiczne perspektywy badawcze
Autor: Polak, Jarosław
Słowa kluczowe: religiosity; psychology of religion; innovativeness; processes of innovation; individual and organizational development
Data wydania: 2010
Źródło: Chowanna, 2010, t. 2, s. 99-118
Abstrakt: The aim of the present paper is to describe psychological research perspectives of religiosity and its connections with attitudes towards innovativeness. Primarily, innovativeness will be treated as a social variable. With references to Peter Drucker works it will be defined as innovation processes which are determined by individual and organizational acting factors as e.g. consciousness of purpose, obstinacy and persistence, operating from a sense of a larger purpose. These processes can be the target of individual and organizational learning and development. The first part of the article justifies that religion being a significant reference point in a modern society demands more research. Moreover, a broad discussion on this subject can be characterized as an unsystematic, simplified and ideologically engaged. In the second part of the article author presents his own model of an innovativeness process within organization which consists of four sub-processes: invention, motivation, cognition and communication. The model includes psychological factors which regulate innovativeness processes and can be treated as a proposition for testing and further empirical research. The author indicates the correlation of this factors with religiosity. Third part of the article is a review of psychological research results and theoretical models which can be consulted during research on religiosity and its relation with innovativeness. The paper shows also lack of consensus on how religiosity as a psychological phenomenon determines human organizational and particularly innovative behavior. The author’s hope is that model and ideas presented in the paper will prompt psychological research of religious impact into innovation practices in modern organizations and organized social life.
ISSN: 0137-706X
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