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Tytuł: Drama kreatywna a inteligencja emocjonalna : przykład wykorzystania wybranego modelu badań empirycznych
Autor: Gałązka, Alicja
Słowa kluczowe: drama; emotional intelligence; emotions
Data wydania: 2011
Źródło: Chowanna, 2011, t. 1, s. 83-104
Abstrakt: Drama is an art form, a practical activity, and an intellectual discipline highly accessible to young people. In education, it is a mode of learning that challenges students to make meaning of their world. Through the students’ active identification with imagined roles and situations in drama, they can learn to explore issues, events and relationships. Drama is the enactment of real and imagined events through roles and situations. It enables both individuals and groups to explore shape and symbolically represent ideas and feelings and their consequences. Drama has the capacity to move and change both participants and audiences and to affirm and challenge values, cultures and identities. Drama empowers students to understand and influence their world through exploring roles and situations and develops students’ non‑verbal and verbal, individual and group communication skills. It develops students’ intellectual, social, physical, emotional and moral domains through learning that engages their thoughts, feelings, bodies and actions.. Drama offers a stimulating and rich opportunity to discuss and understand our own emotions, attitudes and beliefs through observing, empathizing with, feeling and exploring the emotions of characters both portrayed and interacted with in role. Drama is a place for feeling and trying out emotions in a controlled way. In the paper I will demonstrate how creative drama can influence students emotional intelligence.
ISSN: 0137-706X
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