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Title: Challenges related to the determination of altitudes of mountain peaks presented on cartographic sources
Other Titles: Izzivi pri določanju višin gorskih vrhov, kot so navedene v kartografskih virih
Authors: Chwedczuk, Katarzyna
Cienkosz, Daniel
Apollo, Michał
Borowski, Łukasz
Lewinska, Paulina
Guimarães Santos, Celso Augusto
Eborka, Kennedy
Kulshreshtha, Sandeep
Romero-Andrade, Rosendo
Sedeek, Ahmed
Liibusk, Aive
Maciuk, Kamil
Keywords: altitude; mountain; GNSS; LiDAR; riangulation measurements; historical map; measurement comparison
Issue Date: 2022
Citation: Geodetski Vestnik, Vol. 66, No.1 (2022), s. 49-59
Abstract: This study aimed to measure and validate altitudes from existing sources with direct GNSS measurements and airborne lidar data. For this purpose, 12 mountain peaks located in the south part of Polish territory were selected. Measurements were performed using a GNSS receiver using the Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) or static techniques enabling altitude measurements with accuracy of 10 cm. GNSS was treated as the primary data source, as the direct field measurements can determine the highest point on each peak. The obtained results were confronted with historical, internet sources, and official altitude data. Moreover, each altitude was determined using lidar data from an airborne lidar dataset of Poland from the ISOK program and provided by the national agency. Significant discrepancies in data were already detected during the analysis of internet materials and traditional maps, up to a few meters. The differences between measured and internet sources in altitude of mountain peak range from 27 cm to 504 cm. This study has shown the need to re-measure the altitudes of the mountain peaks and determine the highest point correctly.
DOI: 10.15292/geodetski-vestnik.2022.01.49-59
ISSN: 0351-0271
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