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Title: Władza i wywieranie wpływu w bliskich związkach
Authors: Mandal, Eugenia
Keywords: power; social influence; marriage; close relations; marriage satisfaction; attractiveness
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Chowanna, 2012, t. spec., s. 149-165
Abstract: The article presents the problem of the power in close relationships and its importance for undertaking different tactics of influence on partner in marriage. Two types of power in marriage were identified: the power based on physical attractiveness and the power based on financial resources. The results of the study in which questionnaire methods were used on a group of 92 married couples aged from 22 to 82 years old were presented. The results showed that the power wielded by husbands based on financial resources correlated positively with the tendency to use coercion and silent treatment tactic and the fact that wives who stayed under their husbands’ financial resources power correlated negatively with undertaking the coercion tactic. The wives’ power based on physical attractiveness correlated positively with the preference of coercion tactic and in husbands’ case it correlated positively with the preference of silent treatment tactic and negatively with the preference of reason tactic.
ISSN: 0137-706X
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