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Title: Akceptacja choroby przewlekłej i poziom dystresu pacjentów leczących się ambulatoryjnie
Authors: Gałuszka, Anita
Keywords: acceptance of illness; distress thermometer; emotions; chronic illness
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Chowanna, 2013, t. 1, s. 159-177
Abstract: The lack of homogeneity of the ambulatory patients group may have specific interdependencies of psychosocial variables. Therefore, studies have been undertaken to determine the level of intensity of some of them and to reveal the correlation between them. The study has focused on: acceptance of the disease, the level of distress, the disease‑related physical and emotional state (both positive and negative). Methods: an Acceptance of Illness Scale, by B.J Felton, T.A. Revenson and G.A. Hinrichsen (in Polish version by Z. Juczyński), Distress Thermometer developed by the American Cancer Society in the Polish adaptation of J. Życińska, E. Wojtyna, A. Heyda and A. Syska‑Bielak, Form for Determinants of Patient Vital and a questionnaire to collect socio‑demographic data, both designed for the study reported. The research group consisted of 94 patients. Their average age was 50, while the average duration of morbidity was 10 years. Results: the level of distress exceeded the cut‑off point (4), and it is correlated with negative emotions. The acceptance of the illness is negatively correlated with negative emotions and physical symptoms associated with the illness. In addition, the average level of distress varies significantly in patients with low, medium and high levels of negative emotions and significantly differs in patients with middle and high levels of acceptance of the disease.
ISSN: 0137-706X
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