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Title: A comparative morphological revision of the aphid genus Myzaphis van der Goot, 1913 (Insecta: Hemiptera: Aphididae) revealed a new genus and three new species
Authors: Kanturski, Mariusz
Barjadze, Shelve
Jensen, Andrew S.
Wieczorek, Karina
Keywords: Aphididae; New genus; Ericaphis; Oviparity
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: PLoS ONE, (no. 13(3) (2018), art. no. e0193775
Abstract: The aphid genus Myzaphis van der Goot, 1913 from the tribe Macrosiphini is revised to include eight species. Apterous and alate viviparous females, known fundatrices and known sexual morphs (oviparous females and males) of Myzaphis bucktoni, M. juchnevitschae, M. rosarum, M. tianshanica and M. turanica are re-described and illustrated. Lectotype and paralectotypes of Myzaphis bucktoni and M. turanica are designated. The status of M. komatsubarae nomen dubium is discussed. Myzaphis avariolosa is regarded as a species belonging to the genus Ericaphis. Three new species: M. oezdemirae Kanturski & Barjadze sp. nov., M. tuatayae Kanturski & Barjadze sp. nov. from Turkey and M. rezwanii Kanturski & Barjadze sp. nov. from Iran are described and illustrated. Myzaphis bucktoni is recorded from Portugal for the first time. Diagnosis of the genus Myzaphis van der Goot, 1913 is redefined and a new genus Richardsaphis Kanturski & Barjadze gen. nov. is erected with the type species R. canadensis (Richards) comb. nov. Richardsaphis is for the first time recorded from the USA and hitherto unknown oviparous female and alate male are described and illustrated. Original keys to species of the genus Myzaphis and aphid genera of the tribe Macrosiphini with 2-2-2 first tarsal chaetotaxy are also provided.
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0193775
ISSN: 1932-6203
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