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Title: Problematyka sztuki ludowej w etnologii pogranicza
Authors: Czerwińska, Kinga
Keywords: Sztuka ludowa; Etnologia; Cieszyn; Zaolzie; Pogranicze
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Studia Etnologiczne i Antropologiczne, T. 11 (2011), s. 171-184
Abstract: The role of folk culture, especially artistic works based on traditional patterns and shaped under the influence of natural, historical, social and economic factors has an unquestionably important position in a discussion on the national heritage, its separateness and “place” in the European culture. Ethnologically, the folk art was interpreted as the utilitarian, religious, magic, prestigious, culture created as well as artistic and aesthetic value. The discussion on the contemporary state of the so called folk art and scope of definition of the very cultural phenomenon experiences many obstacles. The notions “ folk art”, “folk works” and “innate works” demand necessary verification in which one has to take into account new defining criteria, such as technique, subject-matter, function, and, above all attitude and author’s artistic self-awareness. A characteristic feature of this work is the continuation of traditional patterns and at the same time search for artistic individualism. In consequence, it leads to diverging from a typical convention, aiming at new, different formal, technical and thematic solutions. What needs verification is also the notion of “a folk author”. Nowadays it is rather a “pseudofolk” author, an artist for whom the most important is the process of creating his/her own artistic reality, experienced inside him/herself and its expression. A creative passion is an attempt to fight with passing time and rapid changes he/she does not follow, and overcoming workshop and emotional barriers. The very text is an attempt to characterize the contemporary and individual artistic work on the basis of the studies conducted in Silesia, especially Cieszyn Silesia and Zaolzie.
ISSN: 2353-9860
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