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Title: Biograficzne uwarunkowania rozwoju nauczyciela: analiza jakościowa
Authors: Tabor, Urszula
Keywords: Teacher development
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Katowice: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Abstract: The work concerns the conditions of the development of an adult human being , i.e. a teacher, however, the focus is being given to the personal and professional development. The issues of development covered in the present work are treated as an interdependent system that is why the relations between particular models of development and teacher professional development at the stabilization stage was described, on the basis of a wide range of resources from the field of androgogy, pedagogy, psychology and pedeutology. The work is an outcome of biographical studies conducted among 22 active teachers at the stabilization stage, i.e. between 35 and 65 age span . The research method constituted a long-hour narrative interview during which the materials concerning personal and professional development were collected. The research sample constituted the teachers at the stabilization stage, it being a period of specific developmental changes; both men and women reach the highest productivity and show greater autonomy in creating their own development. Additional factors facilitating or hindering self-creation attempts in the case of teachers may concern formal and informal procedures connected with the path of professional promotion. Biographical conditions of teacher development consists of 5 chapters. Chapter I entitled Conditions of adult development shows the mechanisms of adult development at the stabilization stage (between 35 and 65 age span) from the theoretical perspective. The author used well-known development conceptions and, referring to them, presented a parallelism of personal and professional development in middle age. The next chapter A teacher in the period of postmodernist educational changes results from the analysis of teacher competence and task, and the most important modern work conditions in teacher professional development. The author underlined the changes of teacher profession conditioned by the changes of modern civilization, culture and education. Chapter 3, i.e. Methodology of own studies is a description of the research method used, the results of which contributed to the author’s own taxonomy of development models. The subsequent two chapters, that is Biographical conditions of teacher development and Individual models of teacher biographies describe the research findings collected by means of biographical interviews, as well as account for the conception of five models of teacher development distinguished by the author. In the field of individual development the first stage of reconstruction concerned childhood (school age) and adolescence, the other being the current wave of life, that is the period of stabilization. Describing the path of professional development of the subjects in question, the author of the work analysed their early professional interests, professional training, professional adaptation and the present stage of professional development. The analysis of the biographical material gathered proves that the path of teacher professional development and their individual development permeate and influence each other, and that the nature of this interdependence differs from one person to another. It contributed to a distinction of such patterns of relation between a personal and professional development as training, deferment, withdrawal from active development, harmonising, specialization. The work shows multidimension and depth of the subject- matter in question, i.e. permeation of historical and thematical perspective, the need to treat development as a chronological cycle and, at the same time, a map of simultaneous influences of different developmental factors. The final part contains, among other things, instructions to the biographical interview, which constituted the basis for the book in question.
ISBN: 9788322617359
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