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Title: Kwestia zwierząt w polityce społecznej
Authors: Kołodziej, Barbara
Keywords: homo sapiens; polityka społeczna; terapeutyczne właściwości zwierząt; lecznicze właściwości zwierząt
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Citation: E. Górnikowska-Zwolak, W. Walkowska, (red.), "Dzieło Lucyny Frąckiewicz inspiracją dla współczesnej polityki społecznej" (S. 233-254). Katowice : Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Abstract: Homo sapiens are supposed to have started their hegemony in the period of the so-called Neolithic revolution, when man revealed the possibility of exploiting the power and potential of animals. The animals’ breeding gave him the full and systematic access to wholesome proteins which were transferred into the development of his brain and the nervous system, whereas it let him for capturing next areas. It is this way practically until today: everywhere where human powers turned out to be insufficient, animals are supplementing them. Apart from functions the man assigned to the animals from the beginning, new applications of their use are being discovered, like e.g. in diagnostics or in different types of therapies. Essentially, the field of animals’ usage is extensive enough, that one should treat them with respect. Contemporary legislation is pointing to such a treatment. In practice in many cases animals are treated more as products. It happens during so-called intensive breeding or large-industrial breeding, which is the method for „animal production”, in which animals are being sentenced to for life in the total depravation of needs. This method has been initiated for the sake of the liquidation of world hunger, but instead it has heightened it, moreover it is connected to serious environmental risks, as well as with the health of consumers. So, this matter is a serious problem, not to mention an issue, because it is not possible to solve it without the participation of entire communities, the economic sector and political powers
ISBN: 9788380128347
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