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Tytuł: Fate of neutral-charged gold nanoparticles in the roots of the Hordeum vulgare L. cultivar Karat
Autor: Milewska-Hendel, Anna
Zubko, Maciej
Karcz, Jagna
Stróż, Danuta
Kurczyńska, Ewa
Słowa kluczowe: Nanoparticles; Hordeum vulgare
Data wydania: 2017
Źródło: Scientific Reports, 2017, no. 7, 3014
Abstrakt: Nanoparticles (NPs) have a significant impact on the environment and living organisms. The influence of NPs on plants is intensively studied and most of the data indicate that NPs can penetrate into plants. The studies presented here were performed on the roots of Hordeum vulgare L. seedlings using neutral-charge gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) of different sizes. In contrast to the majority of the published data, the results presented here showed that during the culture period, AuNPs: 1/did not enter the root regardless of their size and concentration, 2/that are applied directly into the cells of a root do not move into neighbouring cells. The results that were obtained indicate that in order to extend our knowledge about the mechanisms of the interactions between NPs and plants, further studies including, among others, on different species and a variety of growth conditions are needed.
DOI: 10.1038/s41598-017-02965-w
ISSN: 2045-2322
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