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Title: Hermeneutyka mitu dionizyjskiego w filozofii Fryderyka Nietzschego
Authors: Rolka, Malwina
Keywords: hermeneutyka mitu dionizyjskiego; dionizjonizm; Fryderk Nietzsche
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Abstract: The book is dedicated to the Dionysian sides of Friedrich Nietzsche’s philosophy, at the same time attempting to examine his work through the prism of an explication grounded in the myth. Dionysus appears here both as a sign of the past, through which by deciphering the universal character of mythical symbols one should seek ancient wisdom about the human nature, as well as a sign of the future, about to manifest itself in the figure of the Übermensch. In Nietzsche’s work, this deity is sometimes perverse, wears masks, and tempts; his myth is also coupled with the deepest worries and desires of man, designating the horizon of his existence and eternal yearnings. The dualistic nature of the deity — reflecting life’s dynamic character — appears in the writings of Zarathustra’s author in a perpetual game of covering and uncovering senses and meanings, which establish its special place in the explication of his ideas. Following the myth’s paths within Nietzsche’s philosophy necessarily leads to progressing in two parallel areas, which nominate the framework of his Dionysian hermeneutics. Its external dimension is based on accepting Dionysity as a rule organizing the explication of Nietzsche’s work; his ideas — in both early and final writings - concentrate around it, despite its accompanying contradictions and ruptures. However, hermeneutics of the myth also reveals an internal dimension within the layer of Dionysian symbolism; for Nietzsche, it becomes the source of inspiration and intuition, which cannot be expressed in the traditional language of philosophy, ultimately fulfilled in the fusion of Greeks’ tragic worldview and modernity. The main intention of the book is an attempt to approach Nietzsche’s Dionysian philosophy at the intersection of both hermeneutical dimensions in order to highlight its dynamic and prospective character.
ISBN: 9788380121584
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