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Title: Quantitative trait loci for plant height in Maresi × CamB barley population and their associations with yield-related traits under different water regimes
Authors: Mikołajczak, Krzysztof
Kuczyńska, Anetta
Krajewski, Paweł
Sawikowska, Aneta
Surma, Maria
Ogrodowicz, Piotr
Adamski, Tadeusz
Krystkowiak, Karolina
Górny, Andrzej
Kempa, Michał
Szarejko, Iwona
Guzy-Wróbelska, Justyna
Gudyś, Kornelia
Keywords: Drought; Functional annotation; Phenotyping; QTLs; sdw1/denso gene; Spring barley
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Journal of Applied Genetics, vol. 58, iss. 1 (2017), s. 23-35
Abstract: High-yielding capacity of the modern barley varieties is mostly dependent on the sources of semi-dwarfness associated with the sdw1/denso locus. The objective of the study was to identify quantitative trait loci (QTLs) associated with the plant height and yield potential of barley recombinant inbred lines (RILs) grown under various soil moisture regimes. The plant material was developed from a hybrid between the Maresi (European cv.) and CamB (Syrian cv.). A total of 103 QTLs affecting analysed traits were detected and 36 of them showed stable effects over environments. In total, ten QTLs were found to be significant only under water shortage conditions. Nine QTLs affecting the length of main stem were detected on 2H-6H chromosomes. In four of the detected QTLs, alleles contributed by Maresi had negative effects on that trait, the most significant being the QLSt-3H.1-1 in the 3H.1 linkage group. The close linkage between QTLs identified around the sdw1/denso locus, with positive alleles contributed by Maresi, indicates that the semi-dwarf cv. Maresi could serve as a donor of favourable traits resulting in grain yield improvement, also under water scarcity. Molecular analyses revealed that the Syrian cv. also contributed alleles which increased the yield potential. Available barley resources of genomic annotations were employed to the biological interpretation of detected QTLs. This approach revealed 26 over-represented Gene Ontology terms. In the projected support intervals of QGWSl-5H.3-2 and QLSt-5H.3 on the chromosome 5H, four genes annotated to ‘response to stress’ were found. It suggests that these QTL-regions may be involved in a response of plant to a wide range of environmental disturbances.
DOI: 10.1007/s13353-016-0358-1
ISSN: 1234-1983
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