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Title: Uwarunkowania radzenia sobie młodzieży w sytuacjach zagrożenia wykluczeniem społecznym
Authors: Wilczyńska, Agnieszka
Keywords: wykluczenie społeczne; wykluczenie społeczne młodzieży; zapobieganie wykluczeniu społecznemu; zaniedbana społecznie młodzież; badania wykluczenia społecznego
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Abstract: Social exclusion is considered to be one of the most difficult social problems, constituting serious threat for human psychological and physical health. Within the area of psychological studies, social exclusion is treated as the effect of deprivation of one of the most fundamental human needs, namely the sense of belonging. The main aim of the book is to present conditions in which the youth deal with various situations threatened with social exclusion. The first part shows a socio‑psychological context of threats the youth face these days, including conditions resulting from environmental, family, school and individual problems. The phenomenon of school shooting was elaborated on. Particular increase in their number was observed last decade. The third chapter was fully devoted to the issue of the need and sense of belonging. Next, the consequences of the threat with social exclusion, including psychological and psycho‑physiological ones were presented. Chapter five referred to various theoretical conceptions of dealing with stress, among others a transactional perspective of dealing with stress and conceptions of resource saving. In the second part of the book the results of the author’s studies were presented. The area of researched psychological variables; threat with social exclusion, the need and the sense of belonging, anger, emotional intelligence, self‑esteem and mood, as well as dealing with stress was illustrated. The last two chapters were devoted to a description of the course of the studies and the analysis of the findings gathered. Research doubts that accompanied the structure of the research tool and the choice of the means of results analysis were presented. A discussion, being an attempt at interpreting the results, was made. The analysis of the very determinants showed that the youth noticing threat with social exclusion do not satisfy the sense of belonging sufficiently. Young people who do not feel important and appreciated perceive their resources much worse, which influences their functioning and ways of dealing with difficulties. Decrease in self‑esteem and worsened mood, as well as the decrease in comprehension ability and emotion control are observed in the case of the lowered sense of belonging. Unfulfilled sense of belonging is connected with increased anger expressed outside. The conclusion of the book presents a proposal for investigating the effects of psychological interventions concerning a social “inclusion” of the youth on the example of the next phase of experimental studies being currently conducted.
ISBN: 9788380122772
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