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Title: Nauka jako obiekt kultu : wprowadzenie do koncepcji scjentoteizmu
Authors: Jach, Łukasz
Keywords: scjentoteizm; koncepcja scjentoteizmu; kierunki filozoficzne
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Abstract: The book raises the topic of the currently prevailing in society, increased interest and common admiration for scientific claims. Investigating in the subsequent chapters of the book the determinants underlying the said state of affairs, the author displays an interdisciplinary approach. Chapter One analyses various ways of presenting elements of science in the mass media such as: television, the Internet, as well as popular science magazines. The pivot of Chapter Two are different methodological theories explaining what science is, what principles have to be adhered to while practicing it, and finally, what is the scope of its influence on human life. Chapter Three, in turn, contains research data coming from psychology and social sciences that pertain to the phenomena of both — practicing science and the reception thereof by laymen. The problem of common misconceptions about science is the topic of Chapter Four. After introducing some information on it, the author proceeds to formulate the theory a heavily scientist worldview called scientotheism, which is followed by the analysis of its psychological causes and correlates.
ISBN: 9788380126275
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