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Title: Ewolucja gestów. O sposobach badania „kinetyki człowieka”– propozycja metodologiczna
Authors: Szybowska, Antonina
Keywords: gesty; memy
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: Teksty z Ulicy. Zeszyt memetyczny, 2008, nr 12, s. 55-65
Abstract: The man is a being immersed in movement. Research perspectives of the human kinetics form an exceptionally incoherent field of study where cracks are deeper than approved methodology. The author points out possibilities for research into human gestures, which are created by memetics in research into a broadly understood gene. Using this approach the author tries to depict the problems such as the genesis of gesture memes, character of their replication, quality of copies, their lifespan and the problem of interpretation.
ISSN: 2081-397X
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