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Title: Rewitalizacja społeczna poprzez współczesną sztukę teatralną : w ocenie reprezentantów (twórców i odbiorców) sztuki dramatycznej Legnicy, Nowej Huty i Wałbrzycha
Authors: Wilk, Teresa
Keywords: teatr aspekt społeczny; rewitalizacja społeczna; zmiana społeczna; Legnica życie artstyczne; Wałbrzych życie artstyczne; Kraków vżycie artstyczne
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Abstract: The book presents the possibilities of the use of a contemporary theatrical play in the process of social revitalization of local communities. The notion of “revitalization” as such, defining the changes obtained through restoration and, at the same time, modernization of both physical spaces and social bonds (relations), has been used in the architecture for years and, basically, is identified with changes within the scope of the external image of towns. Meanwhile, noticing a series of abnormalities of the social nature appearing in many communities and the need of their improvement, one can assume that the very notion in equal measure perfectly reflects the idea of changes in the social sphere. The analyses presented in the book concern the three selected communities of Legnica, Nowa Huta and Wałbrzych, the towns which, in the past, constituted vital communities of our country from the economic and cultural perspective. As a consequence of the transformation process, the very towns lost their old potential. Currently, the communities under investigation represent a series of social problems: unemployment, poverty, liability of social bonds, life helplessness, solitude. In the case of so many difficulties, there appears a strong need of taking rational actions improving the every-day life of town dwellers. Apart from numerous methods used in the processes of social compensation and modernization, what attracts the attention in the very processes is the use of a theatrical play. The specificity of the theatre — a theatrical play — a permanent curiosity surrounding the social reality made the mutuality (perceptiveness) of the theatre and society be a norm of its kind. This, in turn, both in the past and in the present, have implicated a series of tasks and functions which the theatre can fulfill and, unquestionably, fulfills to its society and its space. The selection of the towns examined was determined by not only a difficult economic and social situation, but, above all the theatres working well in particular towns. The theatres functioning in given spaces perform a series of social functions. Most of all the very actions are oriented on the activation of local communities. The analyses conducted were basically focused on the participation of social communities in theatrical projects, and socio-economic as well as architecture changes taking place in the communities under discussion. The solutions (improvements) presented in the book referring to the communities experiencing difficult situations to a large extent constitute an example of a positive use of a theatrical play in everyday life. Thus, a theatrical play has become a form of prevention, therapy and compensation, and the revitalization tool for local communities.
ISBN: 9788322619148
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