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Title: Zdrowie i wychowanie a jakość życia : perspektywy i humanistyczne orientacje poznawcze
Authors: Syrek, Ewa
Keywords: Jakość życia; Promocja zdrowia; Wychowanie w rodzinie
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Katowice : Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Abstract: Many documents of the World Health Organization underline not only the importance of health for the quality of life of individuals and social groups, but also the propitiousness of the cultural, social and economic development of societies. The interest in importance of social conditions for health was revealed in medics’ and social reformers’ works as early as in the mid-18th century. The development of social sciences largely influenced the spectrum of research and conceptual interests, meeting the need of getting to know new or changing spheres of human existence and consequences of numerous dangers of health deriving from the social change, civilization progress and globalization processes. The book made an attempt to analyse several issues concerning the problem of health, up-bringing and quality of life. The first chapter describes the research areas of the pedagogy of health as a sub-discipline of pedagogy, defining the subject of its study in a new way. The second chapter the inter-relations between the environment, culture and health were presented, with a special emphasis put on social inequalities. Next, the third chapter discusses selected issues and dangers of child and teenager health in the context of existential risk. The fourth chapter, showing a family context of deprivation of needs, developmental danger and health, points out the issue of neglecting child health in families. Chapter five includes the analyses connected with the functioning of families with a health problem, and describes the indicators of the qualities of a sick child. The sixth chapter, on the other hand, signals the aspects of the family health promotion in the pedagogical context.
ISBN: 9788322617823
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