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Title: Zagrożenie wykluczeniem społecznym kobiet niepełnosprawnych
Authors: Nowak, Anna Katarzyna
Keywords: kobiety niepełnosprawne; wykluczenie społeczne
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Abstract: The book constitutes a theoretical-empirical study concerning the current issue of a danger of social exclusion of disabled women. It consists of 6 logically intertwined chapters. First, the phenomenon of marginalization and social exclusion in the light of selected opinions of the representatives of social science were analysed. Three levels of social exclusion were discussed: a cultural, structural and conflict one, taking into account the assumptions of the theory of social inequality, theories of social stratification, opinions on poverty. A reference was made to theoretical conceptions of justice and the Catholic social science treating about man’s dignity, quality and freedom. Also, the categories of people endangered with exclusion and socially excluded in the context of a social handicap were presented. Next, the attention was paid to the role of handicap and a theoretical background for presenting a social situation of the disabled functioning in the society of risk and uncertainty in which there are many barriers in the access to the goods and services. Subsequently, theoretical conceptions and perspectives of a civic society as well as a social capital were analysed, which was to give arguments in favour of a common good. Further on, a social situation of disabled women in the light of theories distinguishing a biological and cultural gender, a theory of gender inequality and contemporary perspective of R. Havighurst’s developmental tasks was shown. An overview of studies concerning the fulfillment of social roles by disabled women was conducted. An important part of analyses was showing stereotypes, prejudices, forma and types of discriminating disabled women, as well as mechanisms of their social stigmatization. A statistical illustration of the situation constitutes a supplement. Also, the issue of prevention of the rights of disabled people in international legal acts and convention on the disabled, was raised, and the actions of the European Union taken in favour of them were analysed. The attention was paid to the aims and tasks of a social rehabilitation taken in case of the disabled, and the possibilities of giving a social support, including an institutional one, to disabled women. Basic assumptions of the studies conducted and the strategy of research were discussed. The book made an attempt to find the answer to the question on which areas involve social exclusion of disabled women and what possibilities of social inclusion of disabled women are. The empirical part presents the experts’ opinions (including academics, social workers and „practicioners”) on the social situation, barriers in the social functioning of disabled women, and shows the areas of a social exclusion of disabled women according to experts’ opinions and evaluations, as well as perception of disabled women and their mothers. Finally, the attention was paid to the inclusive actions taken in favour of disabled women and the suggestions concerning the standardization of their social situation were put forward.
ISBN: 9788322620434
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