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Title: Współczesne gry komunikacyjnojęzykowe
Authors: Łuc, Izabela
Keywords: gry językowe; kultura masowa
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Katowice : Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Abstract: The very work is a sum of conclusions, analyses and interpretations of selected communication and language phenomena of contemporary language users, a register and record of texts deriving from different media sources, illustrating the state of the contemporary Polish language connected with innovative ways of treating the language — its semantic-structural changeability. The description presents selected forms of games carried on the level of an iconic-verbal ambiguity (games by forms and meanings of words and images). The first part discusses selected strategies of communication and language games (games by a phonic, graphic, lexical form and inter-textual ones among others) in contemporary commercial texts. In its particular fragments a bipolar interdependence (a mutual and reflexive influence) of two forms of communication reveals itself: the media on everyday life and the other way round, the rhetoric of everyday life on the language of media, the processes to be the most visible in commercials. The second part is a presentation and characteristic of communication and language games in the e-mail correspondence texts written by the users of “Sympatia”, the Internet dating service. The third part constitutes a discussion of the types of communication and language games in a situational comedy, starting from their structure (particularly with ideonyms — the titles of the episodes and anthroponymy) to intra-structural games — at the text level (games in verbal-situational comism). Chapter four is a link to the issues in question. It discusses mutual intervariant interferences of the language — popular games in pragmatics of everyday life (taking into account the usage of popular lexemes in commercials among others) and (un)common colloquial communication, the model formal determinant of which are creative mechanisms used in media texts, especially remembered and implemented by contemporary language users during a discourse on the level of individual and social-familiar contacts in specific communicative situations
ISBN: 9788322619049
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