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Tytuł: Wymiary etyki pracy jako predyktory strategii radzenia sobie ze stresem
Autor: Grabowski, Damian
Pollak, Anita
Czerw, Agnieszka
Słowa kluczowe: Activity; Ethical theory; Psychological stress; Resignation from actions; Social support; Strategies for coping
Data wydania: 2017
Źródło: Medycyna Pracy, (2017), vol. 68, nr 7, s. 711-724
Abstrakt: Background: The article presents the mutual relations between the components of work ethic and the strategies of coping with stress used by employees of different branches. Material and Methods: Work ethic was presented as a syndrome of the following attitudes: perceiving work as a moral value, treating work as a central value in life, and the belief in the importance of hard work that leads to success. This ethic also consists of the following components: unwillingness to waste time, disapproval of spare time (anti-leisure), willingness to delay gratification, willingness to act honestly at work (morality/ethic), and being independent (self-reliance). Coping strategies were presented as 3 dimensions (obtained by application of factor analysis of the questionnaire scales COPE (Coping Orientations to Problems Experienced)): proactive cognitive operations, avoidance of action and seeking support. Results: The study conducted on 360 employees of different branches shows that the dimensions of the work ethic are moderately related to strategies emphasizing proactive cognitive operations and poorly related to seeking support and avoidance of action. At the same time, the relations between work ethic and avoidance of action are negative (higher work ethic is linked with lower tendency to avoid action). Conclusions: Predictors of proactive cognitive operations are unwillingness to waste time, treating work as a central value in life, willingness to act honestly at work (morality/ethic) and being independent (self-reliance).
DOI: 10.13075/mp.5893.00528
ISSN: 0465-5893
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