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Title: Umiejętności dydaktyczne nauczycieli klas I-III : (na przykładzie realizacji ćwiczeń syntaktycznych)
Authors: Szadzińska, Ewa
Keywords: nauczanie początkowe; nauczyciele
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Katowice : Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Abstract: The problems presented in the present work concern the reconnaissance of the realization of the didactic function by the teachers in forms I—III. The realization of that function is possible thanks to the knowledge of the procedural type. The procedural knowledge reffering to the didactic process is approached in the work as the didactic skill. The theoretical part of the work has a greater scope than the empirical part. Such problems as the functions of teachers in forms I—III and their education or professional development have been presented there. The recognition of those problems allows to determine the model of the didactic skills of teachers. I also present the scholarly approaches to the didactic skills of teaches, especially those working at the early stages of education. I have made the skill of directing the activity of pupils the point of reference of the realization of this function of the teacher. The categories of directing distinguished have as the aim the provision of the patterns to be followed (occasional directing) or to their individual execution (task directing) as well as to the creation of a didactic situation aiming at evoking particular tasks (situational directing). The styles of directing by teachers characterize the subsequent stages of the professional development. Directing the activity of pupils demands certain predispositions, i.e. the formed activity schemes constituting the procedural knowledge. Within the model of the didactic skills of teachers in forms I—III. I have distinguished the following ranges: planning, organization, steering and control. Their rates have been determined on the basis of the basis on the theoretical didactic knowledge. Skills are always concerned with some tasks, so the kinds and types of tasks are connected with the given skill. In my research I have made use of syntactic exercises a a task of a specific character. They are a means of means of teaching a language but they also shape the ability to think. Syntactic exercises ar decisive as regard the articulation and creativity of pupils’ utterances. In the empirical part of the work I have presented the ways of storing and analyzing the collected materials in order to determine the level of the didactic skills in the particular scopes, paying attention to their differentiation among those teaches who begin or end their supplementary educational et extramural studies as well as those who do not take part in supplemantary education. The determinants of changes in the education of teachers have been used to delineate the directions of the optimisation of forming the didactic skills of teachers in forms I—III.
ISBN: 8322611102
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