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Title: Funkcje asystenta studenta niepełnosprawnego w polskich uniwersytetach
Authors: Chrząszcz, Katarzyna
Advisor: Gajdzica, Zenon
Prysak, Dorota
Keywords: student; uniwersytet; niepełnosprawność; asystent; wsparcie
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Katowice : Uniwersytet Śląski
Abstract: The concept of assistantship of disabled people derives from an idea that assumed their independent life. The basic assumption of assistantship is to support the disabled, but not to replace them. Moreover, the main aim of this approach is to make these people independent. The crucial fact is also stimulating the disabled group of students to lead an active life. The goal of the work is to know and consider the peculiarity of the functioning of assistants of disabled students at Polish Universities. The paper contains a literature query of the discussed scope - both domestic and foreign. The theoretical part of the work is devoted to the issues of disability, the role and tasks of the assistant of the disabled person and the issue of adulthood and higher education. Whereas, the research part includes the results of the conducted studies. The research group included the students with disabilities, their assistants and employees of universities. The obtained research material allowed to select the final conclusions and present the guidelines for further work for assistants of disabled students. In addition, a "Quasi model" of the assistantships for students with disabilities was also generated.
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