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Title: Stimulatory Effect of Xenobiotics on Oxidative Electron Transport of Chemolithotrophic Nitrifying Bacteria Used as Biosensing Element
Authors: Woźnica, Andrzej
Nowak, A.
Ziemski, Przemysław
Kwaśniewski, Mirosław
Bernaś, Tytus
Keywords: Electron Transport; Nitrifying Bacterium; Xenobiotics
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: PLoS ONE, Vol. 8, iss. 1 (2013), art. no 53484
Abstract: Electron transport chain (ETCh) of ammonium (AOB) and nitrite oxidizing bacteria (NOB) participates in oxidation of ammonium to nitrate (nitrification). Operation of ETCh may be perturbed by a range of water-soluble xenobiotics. Therefore, consortia of nitrifying bacteria may be used as a biosensor to detect water contamination. A surprising feature of this system is an increase of oxygen consumption, detected in the presence of certain inhibitors of ETCh. Thus, to shed light on the mechanism of this effect (and other differences between inhibitors) we monitored separately respiration of the bacteria of the first (AOB - Nitrosomonas) and second (NOB -Nitrobacter) stages of nitrification. Furthermore, we measured plasma membrane potential and the level of reduction of NAD(P)H. We propose a novel model of ETCh in NOB to explain the role of reverse electron transport in the stimulation of oxygen consumption (previously attributed to hormesis).
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0053484
ISSN: 1932-6203
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