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Title: "Pod gwiazdą przygody" : Antonio Halik - studia o życiu i twórczości
Other Titles: Antonio Halik - studia o życiu i twórczości
Authors: Jacenik, Monika
Advisor: Rott, Dariusz
Nowacka, Beata
Keywords: Tony Halik; życie i twórczość; podróże
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Katowice : Uniwersytet Śląski
Abstract: This doctor's thesis „The star of adventure”. Antonio Halik – studies about his life and creation concentrates on biography and travelling of traveller. This thesis consists of four units which are devides on smaller structures. Next part of units are about other problems. Thesis „The star of adventure”. Antonio Halik – studies about his life and creation tried to complete information about Tony Halik, informations which don't have proper place in people's conciousness. The first unit – Biography of writer and traveller consist of Tony Halik's biography facts. This facts are completed from different sources and my informations. Travelling passion was with Tony Halik since he was young. During the second world war he was a young boy so he couldn't realise any dreaming about travelling. After the war Halik and his wife Pierrette went to the USA. He started work as a TV reporter in american TV – NBC. This work allowed him travelling. His experience casused that he want to make programs about travelling. Pepper and vanilla had a lot of viewers. The program told about his yourneys. Theirs analysis are written in second unit. This part of thesis talled about Halik's literatures. He wrote in polish language : By Mato Grosso with camera and gun, 1800 000 kilometers of adventure, My huge adventure, Born for adventure, Huge adventure of young Patrisha. Each of book describes his adventures which he had in different part of the Earth – in the jungle, in dessert, in selva....He told, my life is full of dangerous that is why we could three times heard about his death. The one of the most dangerous journey he described in his book 1800 000 kilometers of adventure. The journey lasted 1536 days and he travelled by north and south America. During this travelling his son Ozana was born. The name of his son was in honour of Indian, who saved Tonny's life. By four years the Halik's familly travelled by jeep. It was their home. The expedition finnished succesfully. At the end Tonny planted the flag in Alaska peninsula. To analyse Tony Halik's travelling we are thinking about journeys and its influence over people and theirs lifes. The third unit of thesis Personality of man on a journey tells us about it. In this unit we can read about character of traveller. He was reporter, turists, travelebrity... In his job he had a high opinios about other man. „Different” was his partner and friend. The fourth part of thesis Exoticism: Tony Halik and his meeting with Different told us about it. The other form of his „journalist activity” was described in this part of the thesis. He was reporter of litarature, photography and film. All of them were joined with exoticism. The role of „different” is described in this part of the thesis. There is no doubt that Tony Halik is unusual for us now. The most impressive is quantity of his journeys. He wrote a lot of books and made a lot of films. His biography was „more coloured than a fairy-tale”.
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