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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Magnetic moments' arrangement in Fe layers deposited from acetone based electrolyteOlszewski, W.; Szymański, K.; Satula, D.; Biernacka, M.; Talik, Ewa
2008Structural and magnetic properties of Fe3-xTixSn disordered alloysBrząkalik, Krzysztof
2008A Study of Point Defects in the B2-Phase Region of the Fe-Al System by Mossbauer SpectroscopyHanc, Aneta; Kansy, Jerzy; Drecz, Grzegorz; Pająk, Lucjan; Oleszak, D.; Mrzigod, J.
2008The Mossbauer spectroscopy studies of epsilon to cementite carbides transformation during isothermal heating from as-quenched state of high carbon tool steelBała, P.; Krawczyk, J.; Hanc, Aneta
2008Magnetic nanoparticles in MCM-41 type mesoporous silicaSurowiec, Marian; Bierska-Piech, Bożena; Wiertel, M.; Budzyński, M.; Goworek, J.
2008Correlations between positron annihilation parameters and macroscopic properties in copolymers belonging to elastomers groupKrzemień, Krzysztof; Kansy, Jerzy
2009Hyperfine interactions of 57Fe in Pt3Fe in Pt 3Fe - Ab initio and Mossbauer effect studiesDeniszczyk, Józef; Satuła, D.; Waliszewski, J.; Rećko, K.; Olszewski, W.; Parzych, G.; Szymański, K.
2001Surface concentration of defects at grain boundaries in sintered alumina determined by positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopyKansy, Jerzy; Ahmed, A. S.; Liebault, J.; Moya, G.
2008Ab initio study of the 57 Fe electric field gradient in (FeAl)1-xTx(T=3d element) dilute alloys with B2-type structureMichalecki, Tomasz; Hanc, Aneta; Deniszczyk, Józef; Borgieł, Władysław
2008The Mossbauer Spectroscopy Studies of Cementite Precipitations during Continuous Heating from As-Quenched State of High Carbon Cr-Mn-Mo SteelKrawczyk, J.; Bała, P.; Hanc, Aneta