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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Superconductivity and electronic structure of the W7Re13B compoundKowalczyk, A.; Andrzejewski, B.; Jezierski, Adam; Toliński, T.; Szlaferek, A.; Falkowski, M.; Chełkowska, Grażyna
2009The Influence of Yb Substitution on the Magnetic, Electric Properties and Electronic Structure of YbxGd1-xNi5 SystemBajorek, Anna; Chełkowska, Grażyna
2000Electronic structure and electron transport properties of (GdxYx )2 in compoundsBorgieł, Władysław; Deniszczyk, Józef
2003Electronic structure and X-ray photoelectron spectra of YNi4B compoundPugaczowa-Michalska, M.; Chełkowska, Grażyna; Kowalczyk, A.
2000Resistivity of the (Gd1-xYx) in alloys as high temperatures two band model approachBorgieł, Władysław; Deniszczyk, Józef; Lipowczan, Marcin; Braun, J.
2007Electronic correlations within fermionic lattice modelsMatlak, Michał; Grabiec, B.; Krawiec, S.
2008Valence band and core levels of Ce5Ni2Si3 crystal studied by X-ray photoemission spectroscopyToliński, T.; Kowalczyk, A.; Chełkowska, Grażyna; Mihalik, M.; Timko, M.
2009Hyperfine interactions of 57Fe in Pt3Fe in Pt 3Fe - Ab initio and Mossbauer effect studiesDeniszczyk, Józef; Satuła, D.; Waliszewski, J.; Rećko, K.; Olszewski, W.; Parzych, G.; Szymański, K.
2000Band structure and magnetic properties of Do3 type Fe3-xVxAl alloys : Super cel approachDeniszczyk, Józef; Borgieł, Władysław
2008Ab initio study of the 57 Fe electric field gradient in (FeAl)1-xTx(T=3d element) dilute alloys with B2-type structureMichalecki, Tomasz; Hanc, Aneta; Deniszczyk, Józef; Borgieł, Władysław