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Title: Aplikacja mobilna jako zjawisko kulturowe
Authors: Orzeł, Barbara
Advisor: Miczka, Tadeusz
Aleksandrowicz, Joanna
Keywords: media społecznościowe; aplikacje mobilne; mobilne start-upy; gry komputerowe; języki programowania; kontekst kulturowy
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Katowice : Uniwersytet Śląski
Abstract: The main aim of this dissertation is to determine the influence of mobile application on the area of new media reality and culture. The dissertation consists of eight chapters. The first chapter begins with a recall of the most important concepts of computer program and the presentation of its history, based on the following criteria: „linguistic“ – presenting different programming languages, and „technical“ – discussing further innovations, milestones in the field of compter hardware. Afterwards the author considers the evolution of computer program, the history of mobile phone and the presentation of mobile operating systems. The important part of dissertation concentrates on the cultural aspects of programming – the concept of algorithm and the reception of programming languages in the light of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis. The following subject focuses on finding common ground for concepts, phenomena and mechanisms that combines the digital and cultural order, provides the foundation for reflection on the interface issues, the idea of cross-platform, the „three screens strategy“ and the consequences of mobile media consumption. The next part of dissentation concentrates on the analysis of mechanisms related to the selection of applications in the light of Henrik Vejlgaard„s trend sociology and their use as a marketing tool. The conversion of media reality mediated by the mobile apps is the main problem of subsequent chapters: the transformations of computer games (the transition from console to mobile channel), the phenomenon of most popular mobile games, the personalization and customization of the user experience. Thereafter the author goes back to the sources of mobile applications – the innovation and start-ups. The main reference are the most important business models and the area of „creation – foundation – distribution“. The last part of dissertation concentrates on the new communication behaviors that have been created in the different areas of life (for example: self-expression, e-reading, „smart homes“). The foregoing discussion has attempted to present the cultural perception of mobile applications, the transformation of concepts and the possible directions of their influence.
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