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Title: Film jako przedmiot i narzędzie nauczania kultury polskiej i języka polskiego jako obcego
Authors: Tambor, Agnieszka
Advisor: Kisiel, Marian
Keywords: języki obce; studia i nauczanie; kino w edukacji
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Katowice : Uniwersytet Śląski
Abstract: The dissertation discusses the issue of using films in the process of teaching Polish language and culture as a foreign. It contains a survey on the history of Polish cinema that is being regarded from a glottodidactic perspective, which requires considering the usefulness of particular movies in the process of teaching Polish language and culture. The selection of movies suggested in the dissertation is based on surveys conducted among students and teachers. The dissertation consists of three chapters: an introductory one, which describes media education in Poland, and the following two describing the research and presenting the possibilities that using movies and TV series while working with foreigners creates. Guidelines concerning methods of working with audiovisual material are based on theoretical reflection on the condition of media education in Poland and the analyses of cultural differences concerning taboo topics that appear in contacts with foreigners. The accurate representation of the reality in Polish TV series is also assessed in the dissertation. Lesson plans suggested in the dissertation are based on the manuals addressed to students on different levels of language proficiency and one contemporary Polish TV series. The challenges of using film and television materials in teaching Polish language and culture as a foreign are discussed in details. The research conducted for the purposes of the dissertation leads to the attempt of formulating a general opinion on advantages of using mass media in the process of teaching.
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