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Title: Recepcja literatury polskiej w Chinach : wybrane zagadnienia
Authors: Yinan, Li
Advisor: Cudak, Romuald
Keywords: literatura polska; Chiny; tłumaczenia
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Katowice : Uniwersytet Śląski
Abstract: This dissertation presents the reception of Polish literature in China. It contains survey on translations of Polish literature into Chinese and describes the way in which Polish literature has been received. The dissertation is divided into three chapters: introductory one, which discusses the theory of reception, and the two following chapters dedicated to the history of Polish literature in translation and literary criticism focused on Polish literature in China. On the basis of theoretical reflections on the reception of literary works as well as main arguments presented in the dissertation the issue of translation mapping has been discussed in a complex and profound way. The critical reception of Polish literature by Chinese readers is presented in historical perspective, according to the authors whose works have been translated, translators, strategies of different publishing houses and magazines. “Big Data” techniques lead to analysis of promotion platform and summarizing the rules of presenting Polish literature in China. The research provides a material suitable for evaluation of the reception of Polish literature in China as well as for reconstructing the image of Poland and Poles that appears in the minds of Chinese readers. The author of the dissertation suggests several strategies of promoting Polish literature. Chinese-Polish literary and cultural relations can benefit from these strategies.
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