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Title: "Coraz bardziej się do siebie upodabniam" : światy możliwe w twórczości Edwarda Stachury
Authors: Hajda, Agata
Advisor: Mokranowska, Zdzisława
Keywords: Edward Stachura; poezja polska
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Katowice: Uniwersytet Śląski
Abstract: This thesis concerns the possible worlds in poetry and prose of Edward Stachura. In addition to composition that were published during the life of the poet, I took into account the selected records drafts, very extensively presented by Dariusz Pachocki in the two-volume edition of Sted’s texts Diaries. Travel notebooks. Some of the author’s provisions of Się I quoted directly from the originals, which the Museum of Literature in Warsaw has. Some excerpts of correspondence and reviews which are presented in the work, came from there. Selected quotes from the letters have been cited for separate books or press publications, which in each case is recorded in the footnotes. In my research reflection I distinguished eight the so – called possible worlds (the current world, dreams, metamorphosis, threats, language, emotions, creation, time) by assigning a specific role to the current world. This subjective separation certainly could be extended or modified according to reading preferences of the recipient and his personal direction of research reflection. This proposal, according to the writer, allows to appropriate deepening of the previously separated areas of interpretation Stachura’s works, paying attention to issues rarely taken, eg. the comedy in Sted’s works. The theory of possible worlds derives from the work of logicians and philosophers, but it managed to wait comprehensive and interesting analyses on the basis of literature. For this study there are especially binding posts which were suggested by Umberto Eco, Lubomír Doležel, Thomas Pavel, Marie Laure Ryean and Ruth Ronen. In the area of indicated possible worlds not only main characters of Stachura’s works will be presented, but sometimes he as the creator of autobiographical records and as an artist who came to contend with an extremely colorful, though much simplified, his own legend. Travel in separate worlds footsteps also allows to have a close look at the evolution of the texts’ entity of Edward Stachura. The road leading from the philosophy of man - I to the duration of a man - nobody brings metamorphosis of feeling and evaluation of many phenomena with which the character-narrator confronts. The variety of sensations are preserved the primary goals of sentient : the need for an intensive experience of existence and the desire to annihilate death. The rich and varied Stachura’s creativity certainly allows for the continuation of research in the field of possible worlds, what might be done by enthusiasts of the literary achievements of the Axing’s author. There is difficult to identify the number of texts in the archives of the domestic people who knew Stachura or their relatives – any sharing of these materials can become another opportunity to deepen the knowledge about the work of this remarkable artist.
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