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Title: Chorwacka diaspora w Trieście
Authors: Dziekoński, Mieczysław
Advisor: Raclavská, Jana
Keywords: chorwaci triesteńscy; migracja ludności; chorwacka diaspora
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Katowice: Uniwersytet Śląski
Abstract: The dissertation The Croatian diaspora in Trieste (Chorwacka diaspora w Trieście), provides the reader with an historical, political, cultural and linguistic perspective on the fates of the Croatian people in Trieste. This respective diaspora belongs to a considerable community of citizens of Croatian origin living in the Italian Republic. Preparing a monograph about the Croatian diaspora in Trieste is a challenge and a rewarding topic at the same time, which the author accepted, as he is convinced that it is essential when describing the close ties between the Slavic civilization with the Roman and German civilizations. This respective community was chosen for sociolinguistic research owing to the attractiveness of its place of residence. The city of Trieste has always been in the center of attention in European history from the very beginning, since it was a bastion of Western civilization, playing a key role in the relations between neighboring nations, civilizations and beliefs. Therefore, the city became -and still is- an attractive destination for numerous migrations from close and remote places in the world. The topic of migrating populations is a current social, political and especially economic issue in the modern world. According to definitions in encyclopedias, migration is understood as the journey of individuals with the aim to permanently change their place of residence. The historical resettling of people is an entirely natural phenomenon which took place at all times including the latest, which is intensified by complicated circumstances of economic, political or climatic nature. The Croatian people established their nation in turbulent and complicated historical situations. During these times, they were exposed to various types of dangers and many took the chance to resettle. According to official data, half of this population lives in the Croatian Republic today whereas the other half is spread all over the world as a diaspora, which has diverse status and life conditions. The Croatian diaspora of Trieste is one of them. The discussed topic is vast and the present paper does not conclude research in this matter, but rather opens it up for further discussion on its detailed issues. It lines up in a cycle of monographs dedicated to contemporary Southern Slavic languages prepared at the Department of Slavic Philology at the Faculty of Philology at the University of Silesia.
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