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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019On the assignability of regularity coefficients and central exponents of discrete linear time-varying systemsBabiarz, A.; Czornik, A.; Niezabitowski, Michał
2015Perturbation Mappings in PolynomiographyGdawiec, Krzysztof
2009Shape Recognition using Partitioned Iterated Function SystemsGdawiec, Krzysztof
2018PSO-based Newton-like Method and Iteration Processes in the Generation of Artistic PatternsGościniak, Ireneusz; Gdawiec, Krzysztof
5-Sep-2016Extended class of linear feedback shift registersGościniak, Ireneusz
2016Polynomiography for Square Systems of Equations with Mann and Ishikawa IterationsGdawiec, Krzysztof; Kotarski, Wiesław; Lisowska, Agnieszka
2014Polynomiography with Non-standard IterationsGdawiec, Krzysztof; Kotarski, Wiesław; Lisowska, Agnieszka
2013Polynomiography and Various Convergence TestsGdawiec, Krzysztof
2010Pseudofractal 2D Shape RecognitionGdawiec, Krzysztof
2012Recognition of Two-dimensional Shapes Based on Dependence VectorsGdawiec, Krzysztof; Domańska, Diana
2013Aesthetic Patterns from the Perturbed Orbits of Discrete Dynamical SystemsGdawiec, Krzysztof
2012Polynomiography via Ishikawa and Mann IterationsKotarski, Wiesław; Gdawiec, Krzysztof; Lisowska, Agnieszka
2011Automatic Generation of Aesthetic Patterns with the Use of Dynamical SystemsGdawiec, Krzysztof; Kotarski, Wiesław; Lisowska, Agnieszka
2014Mandelbrot- and Julia-like Rendering of PolynomiographsGdawiec, Krzysztof
2016Pseudoinversion FractalsGdawiec, Krzysztof
2016Experimental study of Three-Nucleon Dynamics in the dp breakup reactionKłos, Barbara; Ciepał, I.; Khatri, G.; Kistryn, S.; Kozela, A.; Magiera, A.; Parol, W.; Skwira-Chalot, I.; Stephan, Elżbieta; Szpik, K.
2016Experimental Studies of the Coulomb Force Effects in Deuteron Proton Break-up Reaction at Medium Energy RegimeCiepał, I.; Parol, W.; Kalantar-Nayestanaki, N.; Khatri, G.; Kistryn, S.; Kłos, Barbara; Kozela, A.; Kulessa, P.; Messchendorp, J.; Skwira-Chalot, I.; Stephan, Elżbieta; Włoch, B.
2016A novel approach to the island of stability of super-heavy elements searchWieloch, A.; Adamczyk, M.; Barbui, M.; Giuliani, G.; Hagel, K.; Kim, E.J.; Kowalski, Seweryn; Majka, Z.; Natowitz, J.; Pelczar, K.; Płaneta, R.; Schmidt, Katarzyna; Sosin, Z.; Wuenschel, S.; Zelga, K.; Zheng, H.
2016Properties of excited A=40 nuclear systems with varying matter compositionSchmidt, Katarzyna; Natowitz, J.B.; Barbui, M.; Hagel, K.; Bonasera, A.; Giuliani, G.; Zheng, H.; Rodrigues, M.; Wada, R.; Huang, M.; Botosso, C.; Kowalski, Seweryn
2016Study of two- and multi-particle correlations in C-12+Mg-24 and C-12+Pb-208 reactions at E=35 AMeVQuattrocchi, L.; Acosta, L.; Amorini, F.; Anzalone, A.; Auditore, L.; Berceanu, I.; Cardella, G.; Chbihi, A.; De Filippo, E.; Aquila, D.D.; Francalanza, L.; Gnoffo, B.; Grzeszczuk, Andrzej; Lanzalone, G.; Lombardo, I.; Martel, I.; Minniti, T.; Norella, S.; Pagano, A.; Pagano, E.V.; Papa, M.; Pirrone, S.; Politi, G.; Porto, F.; Rizzo, F.; Rosato, E.; Russotto, P.; Trifiro, A.; Trimarchi, M.; Verde, G.; Veselsky, M.; Vigilante, M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 34