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Title: Etyka pedagogiczna podstawą edukacji włączającej : studium przypadku
Authors: Widawska, Edyta
Keywords: pedagogical ethics; inclusive education; accessibility; person with disabilities; early childhood education; awareness-raising; human dignity
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Chowanna, T. 1 (2016), s. 133-152
Abstract: Pedagogical ethics is the foundation for any discussion of education. Starting from this ethical discourse we can take actions on the basis of teaching. One of the basic concepts within the scope of pedagogical ethics is the dignity. Human dignity, which after World War II was indicated in international documents as the source of human rights. Poland’s ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities faces our country with the bulk of the commitments, the performance of which is to ensure the full realization of human rights and freedoms of this group of people. One of the commitments is to raise public awareness concerning rights of persons with disabilities. The article is devoted to one of many areas in which this process should take place, namely early childhood education, and exactly content of the free textbooks.
ISSN: 0137-706X
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