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Title: Low to middle Pleistocene paleoclimatic record from the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland (Poland) based on isotopic and calcite fabrics analyses
Authors: Błaszczyk, Marcin
Hercman, Helena
Pawlak, Jacek
Gąsiorowski, Michał
Matoušková, Šárka
Aninowska, Marta
Kicińska, Ditta
Tyc, Andrzej
Keywords: speleothems; paleoclimate; stable isotope; oxygen stratigraphy; Kraków-Częstochowa Upland
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Geochronometria, Vol. 45 (2018), s. 185–197
Abstract: The quality of paleoenvironmental reconstruction based on speleothem records depends on the accuracy of the used proxies and the chronology of the studied record. As far as the dating method is concerned, in most cases, the best solution is the use of the U-series method to obtain a precise chronology. However, for older periods (i.e., over 0.5 Ma), dating has become a serious challenge. Theoretically, older materials could be dated with the U-Pb dating method. However, that method re-quires a relatively high uranium content (minimum of several ppm), whereas typical speleothems from Poland (and all of Central Europe) have uranium concentrations below 0.1 ppm. Because the materials in Polish caves are problematic, we applied oxygen isotope stratigraphy (OIS) as a tool for speleothem dating. By using OIS as an alternative tool to create a chronology of our flowstone, it was found that the studied flowstone crystallized from 975 to 470 ka with three major discontinuities, so obtained isotopic record can be correlated with oxygen isotopic stages from MIS 24 to MIS 12. The observed isotopic variability was also consistent and confirmed with the petrographic observations of the flowstone.
DOI: 10.1515/geochr-2015-0096
ISSN: 1897-1695
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