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Title: Ile Geneta w Gombrowiczu? Piotr Seweryn Rosół: “Genet Gombrowicza. Historia miłosna.” Gdańsk: Fundacja Terytoria Książki – Słowo/Obraz Terytoria, 2016, ss. 458 - recenzja
Authors: Śmieja, Wojciech
Keywords: Witold Gombrowicz; Jean Genet; queer; homosexuality
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: "Śląskie Studia Polonistyczne" Nr 1 (2017), s. 253-260
Abstract: The review sums up Piotr Seweryn Rosół’s book devoted to the relation between Witold Gombrowicz and Jean Genet. Despite his critical overtone, the author does not explicitly assess Rosół’s book. He argues with the general idea but notices ambitious intentions and interesting interpretations, which prevents him from rejecting the book as such. On the one hand, Rosół’s work bears the hallmarks of Gombrowicz studies truisms, and on the other hand, it renews some interpretations as it suggests that Gombrowicz uses Genet to “outline” the shape of generally avoided issue of homosexuality. Rosół’s book proves that certain way of critical reading of Gombrowicz is no longer valuable and although he attempts to transgress the traditional critical approach, he does it inconsistently.
ISSN: 2084-0772
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