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Title: Zastosowanie epoksykonazolu do dezynfekcji wybranego obiektu XVI-wiecznego pochodzącego z kolekcji Biblioteki Fundacji Wiktora hr. Baworowskiego we Lwowie
Authors: Bangrowska, Agnieszka
Keywords: zbiory biblioteczne; dezynfekcja; epoksykonazol
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Forum Bibliotek Medycznych, R. 10, nr 1 (2017), s. 242-251
Abstract: Library collections kept under bad climatic conditions are subject to microbial destruction mainly being attacked by mold and fungi. The paper becomes brittle, porous, and consequently the chemical changes resulting in the depolymerization of cellulose, disintegrates and the holes are formed in the paper. The assessment of microbiological hazards was carried out on the selected collection: ”Rozwiazanie Piącidziesiat y dwu Quęstiy Ministrow Nowoewangelickich, Iezuitom zadanych … – Wszystko znowu … przeyrzano. – y powtore wydano” from the Library collection of the Wiktor Foundation hr. Baworowskiego in Lviv. This collection showed traces of microorganisms through visible discoloration, stains, stains, dirt. The microbiological examination consisted of squeezing the sterile tissue of the pages of the pages and book covers that were the most vulnerable to the mycelium. The paper was transferred to the Petri dishes with the base according to the Hat and Sabouraud. Samples were incubated at 24°C for 14 days and then the mycelium species was determined. Epoxiconazole of appropriate concentration was used as a new generation of disinfectant using a separator method, ie a paper soaked with solution, and every 20 sheets of paper were transferred. The book was placed in foil and left for 14 days. After this time, mycelium was tested again. The analysis showed no mycelium spores. Epoxiconazole proved effective fungicide. Safe for man, environment and paper.
ISSN: 1899-5829
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