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Title: Nowe media jako przestrzeń konstruowania tożsamości osób z zespołem Aspergera. Studium socjologiczne
Authors: Drzazga-Lech, Maja
Świątkiewicz-Mośny, Maria
Keywords: spoiled identity; autostigmatization; autoidentification; stigma; tożsamość napiętnowana; autostygmatyzacja; autoidentyfikacja; piętno
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Zdrowie Publiczne i Zarządzanie, Vol. 16, iss. 1 (2018), s. 55-63
Abstract: New media is a space in which neuroatipical individuals can exist. They can articulate their subjectivity and construct their identity. The analysis of the webblogs of people who define themselves as Asperger Syndrome diagnosed shows how either individual or collective identity is forming. Bloggers describing their everyday life show their perspective, which is not available to neurotipical (NT) people. Thanks to online memoirs, attempts can be made to reconstruct their identity projects and analysis of adaptation strategies.
DOI: 10.4467/20842627OZ.18.007.8677
ISSN: 2084-2627
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