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Title: Geologiczne i geomorfologiczne uwarunkowania lokalizacji dawnych młynów wodnych nad dolną Liswartą
Authors: Fajer, Maria
Woskowicz-Ślęzak, Beata
Keywords: lokalizacja młynów wodnych; podłoże skalne; spadek rzeki; Wyżyna Wieluńska
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Acta Geographica Silesiana, [T.] 22 (2016), s. 25-33
Abstract: The location of the former water mills was studied on the lower Liswarta River on the Wieluń Upland. Fieldworks were supplemented with an analysis of the digital elevation model, detailed geological maps and historical topographic maps. The location of seven water mills was analysed with reference to local geological structures and limestone outcrops, as well as to the relief features of the Liswarta valley. Studies showed that water mills had been located usually in places, where the slope of the river channel increases. Such conditions correspond to mixed bedrock-alluvial segments of the river channel and narrow parts of the valley. There were no millponds on the lower reaches of the Liswarta River – only low weirs in the river channel were built. River discharge proved to be enough for working mills.
ISSN: 1897–5100
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