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Title: Rzeźba eoliczna w okolicach Dąbrowy Zielonej w zachodniej części Niecki Włoszczowskiej
Authors: Szczypek, Tadeusz
Piontek, Krystian
Keywords: Niecka Włoszczowska; Dąbrowa Zielona; szkic geomorfologiczny; rzeźba eoliczna; piasek wydmowy; uziarnienie; obróbka materiału wydmowego
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Acta Geographica Silesiana, [T.] 26 (2017), s. 63-78
Abstract: On the base geological map (1 : 200 000) and topographic map (1 : 10 000) and also field observations a geomorphological scheme of the study area was made. This scheme presents aeolian landforms on the background of other landforms. Two main dune tracts have been identified. This two dune tracts are dominated by relatively large complex of parabolic dunes. Other dunes have also developed on this area. It has been claimed that in some cases the older substratum had affected the dune’s location and development. The main features of grain size distribution and mechanical quartz grain abrasion were also defined on the background of substratum material (fluvioglacial and sandy glacial till). It was found that as a result of the aeolian processes the sand dunes of the investigated area differ slightly from the substrate material in terms of the grain size distribution, but rather a significantly better degree of processing of the quartz grain abrasion.
ISSN: 1897–5100
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