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Title: Tygodniki diecezjalne biskupa Teodora Kubiny w dwudziestoleciu międzywojennym
Authors: Bajor, Agnieszka
Keywords: Częstochowa; Interwar period; „Sunday’s Guest”; Katowice; Kubina Teodor; bishop; „Sunday”; Diocesan weekly
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Bibliotheca Nostra. Śląski Kwartalnik Naukowy, 2015, nr 1, s. 105-120
Abstract: The article takes up the issue of the editorial and organizational activities of Bishop Teodor Kubina (1880-1951) social and political involvement in Silesia. The text describes the cleric’s impact on the development of two diocesan weeklies established in the interwar period. The fi rst one was “Gość Niedzielny” (lit. “Sunday’s Guest”), founded in 1923 by Father August Hlond in Upper Silesia Apostolic Administration, with Kubina as editor-in-chief from 1923-1924. In 1925 he became a bishop of the Diocese of Czestochowa, where a year later he established “Niedziela” (lit. "Sunday"). The article highlights the priest's views on the functions of religious magazines, his attention to the fi nancial fundaments of the periodicals, their distribution and the quality of the publishing material.
ISSN: 1734-6576
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