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Title: Wprowadzenie nowej generacji biocydów jako środków chemicznych do dezynfekcji zabytkowej kolekcji bibliotecznej
Authors: Bangrowska, Agnieszka
Keywords: biocides; tebuconazole; disinfection; book
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Bibliotheca Nostra. Śląski Kwartalnik Naukowy, 2017, nr 1, s. 114-124
Abstract: Chemical substances and mixtures thereof used as plant protection products they can also be used as a new generation biocide unit conservation of library collections against microorganisms. Chemical compounds 1,2,4-triazole derivatives are biologically active substances, which causes their physiological processes to malfunction as a result of blocking activity of the corresponding enzymes. Chemicals after the prior registration may only be accepted after verifi cation its biological effectiveness in climatic conditions, and in case my area in libraries and magazines. An essential element of evaluation the chemical suitability is also its toxicity to humans, animals and the environment. Despite the various controversies associated with the negative environmental impact, these measures have been very effective for many years the method of preventing the threat of plant yielding and, consequently, also safe for man and paper. The purpose of the work was preliminary research recognizing the possibility of using 1,2,4-triazole for control microbiological hazards occurring in historic collections libraries and individual objects. Materials from which it was built it is an antique book that makes it particularly vulnerable microbiologically, through infection of viral and fungal diseases. As a typical active ingredient in this study was the usual active ingredient tebuconazole, while the test fungal material was a pathogen Aspergillus Niger van Tieghem, Chaecetomium globes, Penicillium chrysogenum. For the fungicidal activity of tebuconazole to refer to the antique library material, the fi rst should be done research, allowing to determine for this substance the value of the so- ED50 in relative to the selected mushroom test material. This factor determines the dose of the active substance, with half of which the population being destroyed is destroyed. Its numerical value to represent it will be the basis for the preparation of a working fl uid of such concentration that will ensure effective combat against fungal diseases of antique parchment, leather, fabric or paper.
ISSN: 1734-6576
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