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Title: Cały ten elektroniczny zgiełk : formy diegetyczne/niediegetyczne oraz nowe wymiary dźwięku w rozrywce interaktywnej
Authors: Gnat, Tomasz
Keywords: formy diegetyczne dźwięku; formy niediegetyczne dźwięku; dźwięk; dźwięk w rozrywce interaktywnej
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: "Er(r)go : teoria, literatura, kultura " Nr 2 (2016), s. 103-118
Abstract: This paper aims to show how the development of music and sound design formed an inseparable bond with such concepts as immersion, narrative formation, mood, and even gameplay of video games. The first part analyses the diegetic and non-digetic elements, as well as some special cases were the two intermingle, creating new forms: spatial representations and meta representations. The forms discussed bear many similarities to the sound design theories of cinematography. Nevertheless, it is the aim of this paper to elucidate upon some significant differences and note that making straightforward parallels may lead to skewed perceptions of what video game sound actually is. The results of this analysis may shed a new light upon the largely unexplored aspect of interactive entertainment and emphasise the necessity for a new approach to the analysis of music and sound in video games.
ISSN: 1508-6305
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