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Title: Edukacja regionalna w społecznościach wielokulturowych
Authors: Gancarz, Aleksandra
Keywords: edukacja regionalna; edukacja międzykulturowa; społeczność lokalna; Śląsk; Ślązacy; Rumunia; mniejszość węgierska w Rumunii; tożsamość
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Kongres Polaków w Republice Czeskiej
Citation: Z. Jasiński, J. Szymeczek (red.), "Miejsce regionalizmu w zachowaniu dziedzictwa kulturowego" (S. 45-58). Cieszyn : Kongres Polaków w Republice Czeskiej
Abstract: The article refers to dilemmas connected with international education in multicultural communities. Shaping the sense of esprit de corps, autonomy and rooting in the culture is a difficult task in the times of great migration, when for many people a permanent place of living becomes less and less permanent. The author states that: 1) a person providing regional education does not have to come from a given region, 2) participants of a regional education course may be related to a given region temporarily; 3) the method of providing regional education should be based on intercultural education foundations in order not to shape nationalist and chauvinist attitudes. The author justifies their standpoint refering to the holistic concept of intercultural education by Jerzy Nikitorowicz and their own research, development and autobiographic experience.
ISBN: 9788394580421
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