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Title: Perspektywa „dobra dziecka” w badaniach nad dzieciństwem
Other Titles: The Perspective of “the Good of the Child” in Childhood Research
Authors: Samborska, Iwona
Keywords: dziecko; dzieciństwo; dobro dziecka; badania nad dzieciństwem; dobro dziecka z perspektywy dziecka; doświadczenie indywidualne
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Edukacja Elementarna w Teorii i Praktyce, Vol. 13, No. 4 (2018), s. 13-25
Abstract: The purpose of the text is to present the category of the good of the child in research on childhood. The author proposes a study of the category of the “good of the child” from the child’s perspective. The background for the proposed approach is a review of contemporary research on the child and childhood with the indication of the dominant perspectives and discourses within them. The prospect of research “with children” is a highly desirable one nowadays. The literature refers to the concept of a child as a citizen and the need to conduct research in the field of children’s participation in the process of building democracy. The discourse of the good of the child in childhood research is presented in reference to the concept of Wendy Stainton Rogers. Against the background of the concept, the good of the child was considered through the prism of his needs, rights and quality of life. An understanding of the category of the good of the child in pedagogy is also presented. In the last part of the article, a proposal for a study in the field of experiencing the quality of life by a child is outlined. It was assumed that the good of the child from the child’s perspective is available in individual experience. In this understanding, it is a value in a subjective sense and can be analyzed in the context of the cognitive- experiential theory of the self of Seymour Epstein.
DOI: 10.14632/eetp.2018.13.50.13
ISSN: 2353-7787
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