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Title: Gall Anonim w świetle najnowszych badań Tomasza Jasińskiego
Authors: Rott, Dariusz
Keywords: horografia; Gall Anonim; Tomasz Jasiński; chorography; Gallus Anonymous
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: "Littera Antiqua" Nr 12 (2017), s. 149-161
Abstract: The review article presents the latest studies on Gallus Anonymous, conducted by Prof. Tomasz Jasiński who, for over a decade, has been gaining evidence of Venetian connections of the chronicler. Prof. Jasiński took an attempt to view the prose and poetry written by Gallus as a sort of continuum since the ancient times. Gallus was — as proved beyond any doubt by Jasiński — a very original writer who hardly ever adopted longer sentences from other authors. Therefore, some new, original digital research methods had to be designed and applied. The traditional study methods were used to verify all the results obtained by means of computer techniques. Due to the great number of investigated works (more than 19 thousand prose works on over 900 thousand pages, plus the great amount of poetry works), the results presented in the article would not be possible to obtain by means of traditional methods, even with a numerous research team members involved. For a long time, scholars have been considering Gallus a prose master. Jasiński’s studies proved that author of Chronica Polonorum was also a great poet. Despite his extraordinary rigorous writing manners, Gallus created his lines with a sense of rhythm, amazing fluency, lightness and finery. He was also a master in using, among others, the sound figures of speech.
ISSN: 2082-9264
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